Wendy and Andrew

After a delightful and fun ceremony in front of Ruby, with our local Registrar Jane, Wendy and Andrew enjoyed a toast with us before heading off for a wedding lunch in all their wonderful finery to a local restaurant before coming back to Zenaya and enjoying an evening under the stars in the eco hot tub.  It was the first ceremony I had witnessed where the Bride was also the Photographer, and as a multi media artist Wendy certainly created some beautiful images whilst here at Roulotte Retreat.  (In case you are wondering how Wendy achieved this feat, she photographed the ceremony with a remote control!)

"We share our time between Dubai and India and decided to get married because it made life easier whilst living between the Middle East and India…and since we loved each other….why not!

Andrew took control of the occasion (don’t tell the bride or what!!) and was looking for somewhere we could do a low key wedding in Scotland, and maybe have a bigger party for family and friends a year or so later.

We had visited Scotland whilst living in the UK on road trips, and Wendy had spent time in Melrose, Scotland in her teens and we both loved the Scottish Borders and Scotland as it reminded Wendy of New Zealand.

So, Andrew got on the Internet and found Roulotte Retreat near Melrose.  Wendy had been living and travelling with the Gypsies in New Zealand so this place seemed like the PERFECT place for us - with their Roulottes but most of all with Ruby, their Bow Top Gypsy Caravan!

The setting was just perfect - perfect weather, perfect accommodation, but most of all perfect people!  We also invited Avril and Alan to our Wedding … and then 6 months later Avril and Alan joined us at our place in Goa for a month - it was just meant to be!

We couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful wedding for us …. x"

Wendy and Andrew eloped to Roulotte Retreat, 5 August, 2014

Photography credits: Wendy Wood