Six French Roulottes - Devanna, Karlotta, Gitana, Maharani, Shivanni, Zenaya and one Dutch roulotte, Rosa Bella nestle in a wildflower meadow, around a lochan in the heart of the Scottish Borders.  It has taken several years to achieve our vision, Roulotte Retreat - creating a beautiful circle of colourful roulottes, each unique and offering a stylish and utterly different place to enjoy time and space out from everyday life. And of course don't forget Ruby, our beautiful little authentic Bowtop Gypsy caravan who comes with Horseshoe Cottage, in the woodland garden next door!


Unusual, quirky interiors with quality furniture has been passionately sourced over the last few years and exotic fabrics have been hand finished into the finest drapes to adorn the windows and walls of the roulottes.

Its so satisfying when everything comes together, like a gourmet meal - all the best of ingredients have been sought and provide a magnificent feast titillating all the senses for everyone who comes to stay in our beautiful roulottes.

In September 2010 we opened with two roulottes - Devanna and Karlotta from France. French Gitana and Maharani arrived in the summer of 2011, Rosa Bella from Holland enjoyed her first guests Hogmanay 2011 and finally Shivanni and Zenaya, our youngest both arrived in Spring 2013. Each roulotte enjoys its own personality and unique style inviting guests to book according to their mood and fancy….

Zenaya and Gitana both have their own secret Japanese style wooden eco hot tubs, perfect for two and Maharani has a wood fired eco sauna. See their pages for more information.

What is a Roulotte?

Hand crafted Romany style wooden caravan built in France and Holland. In Holland they are often known as woonwagens. Our roulottes are created to bespoke designs modelled on the styles of a bygone era of India and reminiscent of the elegance of the Orient Express. Relaxing in one of our magical roulottes with all modern comforts is the perfect way to experience ‘Glamvanning’.

The craftsmanship

Made of sustainable timber of oak, ash, chestnut, walnut, pine and wild cherry by artisans in France, each of our French roulottes takes two carpenters six months to complete. Every detail has been lovingly crafted to create the authentic romantic ambience of life on wheels. The Dutch roulotte was made by a small workshop in Holland, working to bespoke designs.

See a map of the meadow.

Soar above the meadow and peek inside some of the roulottes in this short film.

If you'd like to soar around the meadow for longer and see inside all of our roulottes, then check out this 5 min film.