Sarah and Mike

A very relaxed and laid back wedding with family and friends coming together to celebrate Sarah and Mike’s special day.  Family helped create the ‘Indian’ scene with silks, saris and pashminas decorating the Studio and the deck. After a ceremony conducted by a family friend and Minister everyone enjoyed the French style food from a local Crepe street food truck with a variety of both savoury and sweet delecacies.  Sarah’s sisters were both photographers, florists, hairdressers and ‘cog’ bearers for the day. (The Wedding or ‘Bride's cog is a traditional custom in Orkney where the cog, or wooden drinking vessel is shared among the wedding guests and is filled with various beers and spirits to help the celebrations along).  It certainly did!

"The reason we chose Roulotte Retreat was because we were looking for somewhere outdoors and rustic, where there was enough separate accommodation for both our immediate families.  We had sent my sister and her boyfriend to Roulotte Retreat as a present three years earlier so it just popped into my head and I then couldn't think of anywhere else that would be as perfect for our special day.

In our usual fashion planning was kept to a minimum, but everything fell into place at the last hour and made for a truly lovely day. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I can't think of anything that I would change about it, apart from maybe the outside temperature! Luckily we had the log burners in the studio and in the roulottes to keep us cosy. In all fairness it wasn't a cold day - just a skimpy dress!

The icing on the cake was the appearance of the chicken walking past myself and Mike during the final part of the ceremony! If it had clucked, I would have struggled not to laugh. It was priceless."

Sarah and Mike got married at Roulotte Retreat 24 May 2015.

Photography Credits: Phil Richards