Nichola and Jon

A wonderful Summer Solstice ceremony late afternoon with Laura, a Humanist Celebrant, by the lochan - reflecting both the beauty of Nichola and Jon, and their words to each other in front of their grown up families who had come to stay with them for the weekend and join in the festivities and new lives together.  To end the evening a campfire picnic and family time under the stars. It was heart warming to see two families enjoying such relaxed special time together turning all the ‘usual wedding scenarios’ around with lunch first, ceremony later and relaxed party atmosphere into the night.

"We chose Roulotte Retreat as it was important to us to have a Humanist ceremony which was personal to us and to match our values. We preferred that the ceremony itself would be legal, which is what led us across the border into Scotland. The whole process was incredibly easy and our Celebrant, Laura (who was recommended by Avril and Alan) was warm, helpful and just wonderful. It was also important for us that the ceremony took place outside in nature and not in a registry office. We had seen the Roulotte Retreat website some time earlier and loved the idea of staying in such an enchanting looking place so to have our ceremony there seemed just perfect, romantic and whimsical. The reality of Roulotte Retreat far exceeded our expectations. The Roulottes themselves are stunning!

We wanted to wed on Midsummer’s Day and Avril and Alan indulged us in this - outdoor ceremony, candles and a bonfire - where else could we have done this? They allowed us the freedom to do what we wanted to do. As a pair of introverts neither of us wanted a fuss and a big 'do' so to be outdoors and relaxed was such a blessing. Likewise this is why the option of an Elopement was great for us. We brought our grown up children with us as it was important that they were a part of our joining together, and that was enough.

To marry by the lochan (which Avril and Alan toiled to clear for us) was just magical and we feel our photos reflect this (quite literally!)

I could go on and on really. Thank you for making our day so magical."

Nichola and Jon got married at Roulotte Retreat, 21 June, 2014

Photography Credits:
Richard Howden-