Belinda and Peter

From USA, Belinda and Peter arrived and hit the ground running, eloping in style on Zenaya's deck.  They truly embraced their stay in the Scottish Borders with a few additional guests .... Alba the Barn Owl flew the rings in and Andrew the Piper played a few tunes and piped Belinda in to meet Peter on Zenaya's deck. After the Ceremony Belinda and Peter enjoyed sitting around the campfire with our lovely Bear, toasting each other with whisky from the quaich as well as enjoying some fizz on ice. Belinda and Peter are creating a retreat centre in California so we would like to wish them all the best with their new venture!
"We were classmates in graduate school and over time our friendship became romantic.  Our friends call our relationship “glacial love” because it took us 13 years to tie the knot. We’ve always taken the time that we needed for our relationship. 
For our Special Day we wished an Elopement in Magical Bohemian Fairyland.
We wanted to elope because we tend to be people who take on the role of caring for others...our families and friends.  We wanted our wedding day to be just about us… no worries in the world. We were looking to elope in an English-speaking European country and fell in love with the Gypsy French roulottes at Roulotte Retreat.  It was everything we imagined and we received great recommendations for our elopement ceremony. We appreciated all the options available at Roulotte Retreat which added a touch of magic throughout the day. 
One recommendation which we loved was flying our ring in by owl and so we got Alba, a white barn owl, fly the rings out in the middle of the ceremony. (We love the Harry Potter series!)
In February 2018, we had an astrologer check on lucky dates/times for our wedding.  She came back with only one date and time: May 10, 2018 at 7:10 pm. We had less than 3 months to plan our elopement. 
Our wedding officiant gave us a 70-page document with different sayings/rituals/things we could do during the ceremony.  We paired it down to just the essentials and kept it really simple with 2 poems and our vows. 
We decided on the ceremony spot at Roulotte Retreat just an hour before the ceremony with the falconer who came to inspect the most suitable location for the owl to fly the rings. 
The evening ceremony was outdoors and officially began with bagpipes played by Andrew a local piper piping me in down the 'aisle' through the trees to Zenaya's deck. Alba, the white barn owl, flew our rings in the middle of the ceremony. 
We closed with an oathing stone and Scottish quaich ceremony and afterwards enjoyed some time together around the campfire celebrating our Special Day.
We were lucky to have nice weather, we went with the flow and enjoyed every minute! Your wedding is the celebration of your union, so be sure to enjoy every moment of it! We did!"