Wedding Stories

We have been delighted and honoured that so many couples have chosen Roulotte Retreat for the Celebration of their new lives together. We have had over 65 couples now who have chosen Roulotte Retreat to get married since our very first couple, Greta and Zulfi all those years ago who eloped from London with Zeppelin, their dog. Each and everyone of the Ceremonies have been completely different and we remember them all with fondness.

Here are some of our couples who have shared stories and images of their Special Day at Roulotte Retreat. Click below to read about their experiences, see their beautiful pictures and capture the essence of each and every wedding day, which as you will see are all unique and exactly as each couple wished.  Thank you each and every one of you, you have made Roulotte Retreat even more magical.  

Sally and Christian 

Connor and Haley

Belinda and Peter

Nicole and Callum

Paul and Delia

Sian and Aren

Sabrina and David

Sophie and Garath

Julia and Debs

Caitlin and Graeme

Nichola and Jon

Sarah and Mike

Wendy and Andrew

Liz and Mark

Tedi and Alex

Emma and Tim

Charly and Dan

Greta and Zulfi