Tying the Knot

The Celtic Knot symbolizes how everything is connected and is a form of sacred geometry.  These ancient knots  are universal and represent the continuous cycle of existence  found throughout the world.  The Infinity Knot has no beginning and no end, symbolising Eternal Love.  

This tying or ‘knotting’ together can be a symbolic and practical way to show the union between two people as part of a Wedding Ceremony.

Handfast: To make a contract of marriage between (parties) by joining of hands; to betroth (two persons, or one person to another) — Oxford Dictionary.

Handfasting was once a common practice all over Scotland and its original meaning was to allow a couple to declare their intention as a simple formality when meeting at large annual gatherings or fairs before living together for a year.  The couple would then marry a year and a day after the handfasting ceremony  if they still  so wished.

Nowadays handfasting is a symbolic way for couples to represent their Union with their hands being tied together with ribbon, cord, tartan or gold thread and is part of the actual Wedding Ceremony. This ancient practice is practised in many cultures, for example some ceremonies in India where the couple have their hands bound by gold thread (which Alan and I had as part of our Wedding Ceremony.   In Thailand the Bride and Groom have white ties placed around their wrists by everyone present at the wedding which they wear as bracelets  (we participated in this ceremony at our friends’ wedding in Thailand).

Another ancient custom which is becoming popular is ‘jumping the besom’ or the broom.  This broom is specially made for the couple and has its origins in Scottish, Welsh and Roma cultures amongst others.  In front of witnesses, the couple sweep their past away with the broom and then the broom is held and the couple jump over it symbolising the start of a new life together.  Friends of ours declared their life together with this custom and the whole gathering of friends, family and the local community watched them sweep and then cheered them on as they jumped together into their new married life.

Lighting the flame of one candle from two individual candles is another beautiful symbolic way of uniting the lives of two people as they light the new candle together representing their new life as a couple.

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