verb (used without object), e·loped, e·lop·ing.

'to run off secretly to be married’

Scotland has traditionally been the place to run away together to get married.  This custom was particularly popular in Scottish Border Towns and Villages, where couples would seek out a fisherman, joiner or blacksmith who would marry the couple for two guineas or a dram of whisky. Edinburgh too was a popular destination in the 19th century. Eloping is one of the most romantic and magical ways to get married and allows the couple complete freedom of organising their own special day.

And what could be more romantic and magical than getting married at Roulotte Retreat, in the heart of the Scottish Borders, just below the legendary Eildon Hills where poet Thomas the Rhymer ran off with the Queen of the Fairies.  Indeed we sit between two small waterfalls, hidden from view, where waters meet just below an ancient Roman encampment - truly magical.  Add a sprinkling of wildflowers, a small lochan encircled by hand-carved French Romany Roulottes et voila .... the most romantic escape!

To get you in the mood, watch this beautiful film, ‘The Elopement’ created by Eileen O’Rourke of Sugar8 

Each and every Elopement is unique and created especially for you.   Some couples may wish to get married, renew their vows and enjoy time away on their own or bring a couple of friends to share the experience and be witnesses, the choice is yours. 

We have many more 'wedding stories' about to be launched on our site, here's a preview to Sally and Christian's Elopement recently - its just absolutely magical!

Enjoy a glimpse of the meadow and a peek inside the roulottes in this short film.  

If you'd like to soar around the meadow for longer and see inside all of our roulottes, then check out this 5 min film. 

So if you would like to Elope get in touch with us and we shall send you information and we shall help you organise your Special Day together, in secret .... sssshhhh!