Sophie and Garath

Sophie and Garath's Elopement was dreamy, and even although it rained for some of the time this didn't dampen the magic, the romance or their spirit as you can see from the beautiful images.

From Sophie and Garath's story below you can see that they said they couldn't wait to visit again ... and they have ... with an addition ... Sophie now has the most wonderful tattoo of Gitana their wedding roulotte at Roulotte Retreat, what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful day!  We shall look forward to you returning again Sophie and Garath.


"When we got engaged we knew straight away we didn’t want a traditional wedding, we wanted to keep things relaxed, intimate and stress free. 

We began to research places to elope and when Roulotte Retreat popped up we knew we’d found the place. The beautiful meadow and the bohemian Roulottes were our dream setting actualized. 

We arranged a visit where Avril showed us around the meadow and in the Roulottes to help us choose where we would like to stay. She explained that we could come just the two of us if we liked, and that she and Alan would be happy to be our witnesses.

We decided to stay in Gitana hidden away by the bushes and trees of the meadow, with its cosy hot tub at the back, it really felt as if it was in its own little corner of the world.

After booking, Avril guided us through our planning, putting us in touch with everyone a wedding needs to involve, which made planning our wedding a breeze. Within a month everything was booked and we just had to relax and wait for the day!

The wedding itself took place on the jetty at the edge of the lake with the tall rushes surrounding us and the moorhens with their chicks joining us for the ceremony. Afterwards we had the opportunity to take some incredible photos around the meadow, then it was back to Gitana to unwind after the excitement of the day.

Avril was kind enough to bring us some Champagne on ice when we got back from our celebratory meal on the night. She had picked five thistles to decorate the bucket, one for every year we had been together as a couple before we got married. It’s touches like this that made our stay so special and personal.

Roulotte Retreat is like nowhere we have been before. For us, it was a wonderful way to unplug and reconnect with nature and ourselves, which made for a wonderfully tranquil wedding day.
We can’t wait to visit again!"