Connor and Haley

Arrived from USA and with their love of nature fully immersed themselves in the wildflower meadow.  It was beautiful to watch them wander around with Haley noticing each and every flower with a story to tell.  They got married on Gitana's deck and as well as having photographs taken in the meadow they went off on a tour around some of the local sites to enjoy different scenic backdrops. We loved that they got married on the strawberry full moon of June in our meadow, staying in our magical Gitana with her spiralling strawberries.

"When planning for our wedding it was really easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in prices, and who to invite, that it was seeming to overshadow the love that we wanted to celebrate. We are both introverted and wanted to exchange our vows privately where we could focus on each other, our shared love, and creating a conscious committed partnership together. That is why we chose Roulotte Retreat. Here we were surrounded by nature, eclectic and whimsical, and able to partake in a hodgepodge of traditions that were important to us. We soulfully married on the June strawberry moon near the lochan in the meadow and stayed in Gitana roulotte with carvings of strawberries, butterflies and fairies surrounding us. We loved the chickens, rooster Elvis, and Bear the dog who were also part of our Special Day.

Avril and Alan made us both feel so at home and really helped to make the day simply wonderful. From fresh flowers in the broom (for 'jumping the broom' ceremony) to our champagne served “with a flourish” of fresh sprigs, and making sure we knew all the places to visit for photos, we felt truly cared for from the start. We also loved our registrar Jane, who so gracefully switched between handfasting, to the quaich ceremony with love and laughter. The day was made even more splendid with Liana as our photographer. Liana made us feel so comfortable and we had so much fun exploring Roulotte Retreat, the surrounding area, and Melrose together. We couldn’t recommend the Roulotte Retreat with Avril and Alan, Jane, and Liana more! Thank you so much for a lifetime of memories and love!"