Themed Breaks

Throughout the year Roulotte Retreat likes to offer themed breaks so you can chill out, have fun and learn something new at the same time. We have many ideas which we shall be incorporating into our Roulotte Retreat holiday year and we welcome your thoughts too so do write and tell us. Some of the more popular themes will include:

Yoga and Wellbeing – Practise Yoga indoors and weather permitting in the fresh air, greeting the sun in the morning. Ease those tired joints, discover the power of the breath, stretch and flex body and mind with Avril Berry, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. We can also recommend local therapists in massage, mindfulness, nutrition, etc.

Arts and Crafts – with local artists offering courses in drawing, painting, watercolours, sculpture, pottery, printing, woodworking, etc. Visits to local studios and craft workshops are great sources of inspiration as well as excellent retail therapy.

Creative writing – local writers will encourage all you budding authors to put pen to paper and have fun with the written word. The Scottish Borders has a rich literary heritage with famous authors including:
Sir Walter Scott, John Buchan, James Hogg the Ettrick Shepherd and more - maybe its in the water… you never know! Embark on the Literary Trail to find out more about the lives of these writers and see works from all over the world come to life in our local theatres.

Active Sports – try the many and varied active sports on offer in the Scottish Borders, including: canoeing, kayaking, horse-riding, mountain biking, wild swimming, hiking, tree-climbing, etc.

Just for You - you don't have to be part of a group or a themed break to enjoy the many activities, please let us know and we can put together packages "just for you" to fit in with what you would like to do when you are here.