Bathe under the stars in an Eco Hot Tub

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We are so excited about our new addition to the meadow ... Zenaya will have a new friend - an Eco Hot Tub! Fired by eco fuel and made of solid wood this hot tub for two is Japanese style to compliment Zenaya and enhance your experience staying in the meadow!

Water therapy has been used throughout the centuries all over the world with mineral and thermal water baths being enjoyed by the Greeks as early as 500 BC. The ancient Romans too recognised the therapeutic value of thermal water and centred many of their medical treatments on bathing.  In Egypt, Finland, Germany, Spain and Turkey spas and bathhouses have been popular as well as in many parts of Eastern Europe and indeed in UK. Natural hot springs can be found worldwide in seismically active regions, eg in Iceland, Japan, New Zealand and in Central European countries.  Animals too have delighted and enjoyed the benefits of bathing in hot water springs, the macaque in Japan being just one example. When we travel we always seek out hot springs and bathing experiences and have enjoyed the hot waters in the North of India in the Beas and Parvati Rivers in Himachal Pradesh, in volcanic springs in St Lucia and the famous Panmukkale thermal baths in Turkey.  Closer to home we love to bathe in the rather colder yet refreshing Tweed, Leader, Ettrick and Yarrow Rivers in the Scottish Borders.

Although we live just below the Eildon Hills which were a complex volcano like Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, we don't have natural hot water springs so the next best thing - hot tubs! We have been planning for some time to have eco hot tubs to sit next to some of the roulottes so that guests may enjoy the ultimate 'Relax in Style' experience at Roulotte Retreat. They are completely natural, being made of wood and fired up by a stove, fuelled by eco fuel.  All you need to add is fresh clean water - nothing else! They are also cleaned naturally by uv light, pumice stone filters and the natural ingredient bicarbonate of soda if required.

Become like a hippo and wallow in the warm waters under the stars watching the dark night skies or indeed enjoy listening to the birds and daytime bathing - in all weathers!  Benefits of hot tub bathing include:  relaxing muscles, alleviating stress, improving sleep, enhancing circulation and accelerating the body's natural healing process.  Feel relaxed and rejuvenated, letting all the stresses melt away and tap into the healing benefits of water.

Bathing outdoors in a wood-fired hot tub, uniting all the natural elements of water, fire, air and wood allows you to enjoy an extraordinary yet completely natural experience in a wildflower meadow below the stars and in ALL seasons!

Then all you need to do is enjoy a deep relaxed sleep tucked up in your comfy Roulotte Bed .... nite nite, sweet dreams!

Zenaya's eco hot tub will be available from 25 April, 2014. You can book Zenaya online and for more info and booking eco hot tub get in touch by email or ring us.

Pics will go up later on our website when Zenaya's hot tub is in place mid-late April.