The Meadow


Roulotte Retreat is situated in a beautiful three acre meadow nestled below the Eildon Hills in the north just below an ancient Roman site, Campknowe. The meadow is greeted in the early morning by the sun to the east and enjoys south facing climate all day before the dazzling sunset to the west in the evening. The West Burn traverses through the field offering delightful pools en route to its junction with the Bowden Burn and onwards to the River Tweed and the sea. In the middle of the meadow is an enchanting lochan (wildlife pond/ small lake) complete with jetty and small shingle beach. The meadow landscape reflects that of the surrounding countryside with mounds of broom, gorse, hawthorn and wild rose. The wildflower meadow and grasses lead away from the lochan and up to the firepit where evenings can be enjoyed together around the camp fire. Each roulotte has its own unique space for enjoying some al fresco time situated around the lochan.

Wildlife abounds in and around the meadow - hear the hooting of the nightly owls, watch the early morning deer. A family of badgers are known to come out and play at the end of the drive when they think no one is looking.

Pondlife on the lochan includes families of wild ducks and moorhens raising their young, frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies and damselflies.

Birdwatching is right on your doorstep with nuthatches, yellowhammers, goldfinches, goldcrests, tree-creepers, long-tailed tits, sedge warblers, bull finches, kingfishers, woodpeckers, blue tits, sparrowhawks, swallows and kites amongst others. Herons arrive for a snack from the burn in the meadow and pheasants stroll in to share food with our chickens and geese. Voles, water voles, moles, fieldmice, rabbits, hares, badgers, foxes and deer share the nearby fields, woodlands and hedgerows.

At night the meadow becomes an open stage to the universe above with dark skies revealing another world filled with stars!  Lie back and watch shooting stars and if you are lucky the beautiful meteor showers we are delighted with every now and then. It has been known to see the northern lights above too, Bring a telescope if you have one, you are truly in for a treat!

The meadow was featured in a music video for artist Tasha Blackmore, view the video here, for a real taste of The Meadow in Winter.

You can also view The Meadow in this mini film.

Soar above the meadow like a bird and enjoy a peek inside some of the roulottes in this short film.

If you'd like to soar around the meadow for longer and see inside all of our roulottes, then check out this 5 min film. 


Meadow Map

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