Late availability - Gitana with eco copper bath tub!

Magical Gitana with wood fired copper tub has a cancellation on 16&17 and 22&23 September. Anyone for an elemental experience in Gitana's secluded spot on the other side of the wildlife pond? Check pricing and book Gitana directly on our website. Eco copper bath tub paid separately after booking.  

Wood fired Eco Sauna arrived at Roulotte Retreat

Maharani guests can enjoy the sunset through the panorama window whilst completely relaxing and revitalising body, mind and spirit! Watch wildlife whilst being warm!  Book directly with us now for this incredible new feature to our wellbeing in the meadow! Email for more information.

Dog News 

After being asked for many years if dogs were allowed in the roulottes we have succumbed. We have always welcomed up to two well behaved dogs in Horseshoe Cottage and now we would like to announce that we would like to welcome one well behaved dog in one of our roulottes - Rosa Bella. So if you would like to bring your dog and stay in a roulotte please get in touch with us to arrange.

Yoga and Walking Retreats   

We are planning Yoga and Walking Retreats at Roulotte Retreat, please get in touch to find out more. 


Gift Vouchers available   

Give a magical escape to someone special this year! (or pay towards it). Simply ring or email us, we can send you the voucher for any amount you wish then present your loved ones with a gift of 'time and space in an unusual place'. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                        Or call: 0845 0949 729                              

Special Deals for Groups/Workshops

Roulotte Retreat now offering special deals for workshop leaders, midweek in non peak season. Roulottes and Cottage accommodation for up to 22 plus Studio for workshops.  Please ring/email for more information.