New Roulottes en route from France

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Excitement at Roulotte Retreat .... our two new roulottes will arrive in convoy by road from France to settle in their new home in the Scottish Borders.      Double excitement as the roulottes will arrive by road on low loaders on their return trip from delivering agricultural machinery to France whilst the roulotte makers will be winging their way from France to Edinburgh.  Who will be first we wonder?  

Our latest designs, created in France are reminiscent of the Orient and the Himalayas, in reds, shades of blue and gold.  We are still musing about their names .... perhaps Himalaya, 'abode of snow' for the blue roulotte with ancient Indian carvings and Shangri-la for the red and gold roulotte representing the mystical earthly paradise, still trying to decide!

Carvings and paintings adorn the beautiful wooden panels. Wrought iron work creates stylish windows and doors. With room for two in the bedroom and an extra daybed in the salon by the wood-burning stove these new roulottes offer a spacious and chic abode.  Porthole windows in the shower and washroom add a quirky touch and the boudoirs are to die for!   Pics coming soon.

We can't wait to see them and of course stay in them, enjoying their unique ambience!  So many worlds within our wildflower meadow at Roulotte Retreat!

Both roulottes will leave France Wednesday 17 April and will hopefully be with us w/b 22 April to start the next stage of their adventure.  Bookings are now being taken from mid May onwards.  If you want to be one of the first to book into these new roulottes then just ring us as they are not on our new booking system yet.  

For those who don't already know we have a new online booking system which is so easy to operate and also a new mobile version of our site too so you can book on the move!