Spring Planting

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We have been really planting more native species which will attract a variety of birds, butterflies and bees. This includes Spring flowers and blossom for insects and especially bees with Autumn berries and fruits for wild birds.  All the planting will also provide cover and shelter for nesting birds and over wintering insects.

The trees and shrubs that we have planted will have been used specifically to enhance the colours of each of the roulottes, in different seasons. And the willow trees will enjoy the burn flowing through our meadow.  Some of the species of trees include cherry, crab apple, silver birch, willow, rowan and hazel.  We have also planted a number of shrubs including dogwood, broom, guelder rose, wayfaring tree, wild roses and hazel.

Our meadow flowers and grasses include yarrow, knapweed, ox-eye daisy, vetch, red clover, speedwell, meadow cranesbill, yellow rattle, field scabious, sorrel, plantain, poppy,  red campion, Scottish bluebell, foxgloves (long associated with fairies and is a favourite with bumblebees), meadow buttercup, cowslip and white clover – a rainbow of colour!

Around the roulottes we have planted wild strawberry, wild thyme, poppies, variety of herbs, wildflowers and grasses each to enhance the colours and reflect the themes of each roulotte.

Not to be forgotten around the pond we have added more edge plants such as yellow iris, water forget-me-not, purple loosestrife, ragged robin, meadowsweet, sneezewort, water plaintain, agnelica, marsh marigold, cuckoo flower, water avens, St. John’s wort, marsh cinquefoil, marsh woundwort and valerian.

You will just have to come and see the wonderful sight for yourself!Spring planting at Roulotte Retreat